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Sulfur References

ACIRS-S2A-2020, ACIRS-S2B-2015 and ACIRS-S2D-2016 make up the ACIRS Sulfur Reference Materials range.

These samples have metrologically traceable, certified values for sulfur which are intended to support the validity of measurements conducted at similar concentrations, as quality control tools and for calibration purposes.  Sulfur values range from 0.43 to 2.88% total sulfur.

In addition to certified values for sulfur,
-  ACIRS-S2B includes values for Hg, Cl and F, and
-  ACIRS-S2D includes values for Hg and Cl. 

All ACIRS Sulfur Reference Materials have a nominal top size of -212 µm and are sold with nominal mass of 125 g. 

Click on the link below to purchase this product, to download certification documentation and the Safety Data Sheet or navigate to the ACIRS Home Page for more detailed information about ACIRS and its products.