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1983: Second Conference Proceedings

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Bulk Solid Storage and Flow Considerations for Coal Preparation Plant Arnold PC, McLean AG and Moore BA
Solving a Stockpiled Coal Handleability Problem Fielder VA,  Sprague CM,  Clarkson CJ and Corr NG
Suppressions of Dust During Coal Handling  Membrey WB
US Government Research in Physical Coal Cleaning Hucko RE
Fine Coal Cleaning by Spiral and Water Washing Cyclone Hornsby DT, Watson SJ and  Clarkson CJ
A Study of Dense Media Rheology Graham CC and Lamb R
Practical Aspects of Fine Coal Recovery by Froth Flotation Denney BD
Frother Chemistry in Fine Coal Processing Aston JR, Drummond CJ,  Scales PJ and Healey TW
The Flotability of Vitrinite, Inertinite and Composite Grains in Coals of Differing Rank Bennett AJR,  Bustamante H, Telfer A and Warren LJ
Coal Cleaning by Oil Agglomeration with Oil Recovery Glass R, Nguygen Y and  Row R
Enhanced Coal Recovery Through IPTACCS Technology Elkes GJ, Rigby GR and  Mainwaring DE
The Economic Benefits of Thermally Drying Coal in Australia Smitham JB and Nicol SK
Extended On-Line Parallel Comparison of Two Solid Bowl Centrifuges Dewatering Flotation Tailings Mitchell J, Roberts D and  Langdon P
Dewatering Coal Washery Trials by Electroosmosis Lockhart NC and Strickland RE
Dewatering of Fine Coal in Australia  Bush PG and Stockton ND
On-Line Determination of Ash in Coal Using "SIROASH" Gauges Watt JS and Sowerby BD
Automatic Control of Product Coal Ash Content using an On-Line Coal Ash Gauge  Lyman GJ, Denney B,  Wood CJ, Askew H and Brenchley R
Use of On-Stream Ash Analysis for Coal Clarkson C,  Fiedler VA and Tonkin DA
A Consideration of Overdesign Factors for Coal Preparation Plants  Swanson AR and Galvin K
Development and Design of the German Creek Coal Preparation Plant Mills AP and Atkinson DE
The Stockton Borehole Colliery Coal Preparation Plant  Miller GM
A Mathematical Description of Factors Affecting Settling Rates of Slurries  JMacdonald JR, Mays SA,  Gallagher E and Lewis JE
Computer Simulation of Coal Preparation at Saxonvale Mine Firth BA, Grice C, Janssen E and  Weale W
Prediction of Washery Performance using Computer Simulation Techniques Pauncz I, Stockton ND and  LePage AJ
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