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1988: Fourth Conference Proceedings NOT ...

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Modernisation of The Coal Preparation Facilities at The Port Kembla Plant of BHP Steel International Horrocks KRS, Ellison JF, Watts G and Messiter S
The Tarong Coal Preparation Plant McRae RK
Improvements To The Coal Washery at BHP's Newcastle Steelworks, 1987 Scott D, Newland SJ and Olliver JW
A Natural Gamma-Ray Coal Ash Analyser Matthew PJ, Phillips PL, Miles JG, Vogel MJ and Campbell AD
Coal Sorting Butel D, Howarth WJ, Rogis J and Smith K
On-Line Determination of Moisture in Coal and Solids and Ash in Coal Slurries  Cutmore NG, Sowerby BD and Watt JS
The Performance Characteristics of American Coal Washers Palowitch ER and Deurbrouck AW
The Effect of Inlet Pressure on Dense Medium Cyclone Performance  Graham JM
Analysis and Improvement of Jig Performance  Rong RX, Wood CJ and Hughes DM
Column Flotation: The Development of The Tower Flotation Cell Bensley C, Roberts T, Nicol S and Lamb R
An Assessment of Froth Behaviour in Full Scale Coarse Flotation Cells Ellis RN, Hornsby DT, Walker D and Clarkson C
Measurement and Control of Flotation Ash and Yield Using Optical Transmission Probes Gallagher E, Macdonald JR, Coleman RJ, Lean PJ and Jackson H
A Further Study into Utilising Slim Bore Cores to Provide Detailed Coal Preparation Data  Swanson AR, Stainlay R,  Fleming C and Wood DL
Factors Affecting Filter Cake Pick-Up During Vacuum Filtration  Euston JA and Smitham JB
Australian Experience With The Installation and Commissioning of Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters Dallas B, Horrocks K, Fermino R, Langdon P and Partridge A
Vacuum Filtration of Fine Coal by Disc Filter - A Pilot Study  Clarkson C, Fiedler V, Nicholson T and Hornsby D
The Use of Belt Press Filters for Tailings Dewatering at Hexham Coal Preparation Plant White PJ, Braun PL and Ahrens NH
Chemical Dewatering of Coal Baillie PF and Lumsden BG
Physical Benefication to Produce Low Ash Coal  Keast-Jones R and Smitham JB
Physiocomechanical and Physicochemcial Aspects of Magnetite Dense Medium Rheology Klein B, Partridge SJ and Laskowski JS
Coal Handling Plant Material Selection for Sliding Contact Wear McLean AG
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