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Fine Coal Generation during Mining and Handling  Kelly SD, Bullock J, Smitham JB, Fisher A and Clark B
Improved Techniques for the Prediction of Size Distributions for Coal Preparation  Swanson AR, Callaghan T, Hamblyn S, Partridge AC, Smith GB, Atkinson BW and Davis RW
Characteristics and Economics of Granulated Fine Coal  McLean AG and Atangasaputra K
Dense Medium Cyclone Control by Non-Convential Means Keast-Jones R, Smitham J, Horrocks K and Ellison J
Pilot Coal Preparation Plant Washing of Coal at Low Relative Densities Membrey WB and Restarick CJ
A Model of Dense Medium Cyclone Performance Clarkson CJ and Wood CJ
A Study of Coal Washing Spirals Li M, Wood CJ and Davis JJ
Some Aspects of Spiral Plant Design and Operation  Weale WG and Swanson AR
Installation of a Spirals Circuit at the BHP-Utah Coal Ltd Blackwater Mine Dalton MJ, Walker DJ, Callow L and Stevenson C
High Speed Fine Coal Cleaning with the Air-Sparged Hydrocyclone Baker MW
WEMCO/LEEDS Column…Coal Washing Degner VR and Churchill M
Operating Experiences with Jameson Cells at Newlands Coal Pty Ltd, QLD Jameson GJ, Goffinet M and Hughes D
Factors Affecting Performance of Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters at the South Bulli Mine Dallas B, Goodman P, and Roberts D
Plant Experience in Improving Coking Coal Product Moisture at Curragh King CJ and Richie MJ
The Flocculation and Dewatering of Coal Preparation Plant Blackwater Engler MJ, Hogg R and Aplan FF
The West German Example Hasse W
Microwave Gauge for the On-Belt Determination of Moisture in Coal Evans TG, Cutmore NG and McEwan AJ
Automatic Flotation Control at West Cliff Colliery Coal Preparation Plant Kazis J and Cooney B
Statistical Process Control in Coal Preparation Horrocks KRS and Ellison JF
Enhanced Marketability of Australian Coals by Phosphorous Removal Partridge AC, Saxby JD, Corcoran JF, Ward CR, Membrey WB and Lockhart NC
A Comprehensive Metallurgical Auditing Technique for Eliminating Latent Processing Inefficiencies Vince A, Smitham J and Keast-Jones R
Field Trial of an Under-Belt Coal Ash Analyser Based on Natural Gamma Ray Activity Mathew PJ, Dow JC, Miles JG, Phillips PL, Vogel MJ, Dallas B and Partridge, AC
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