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1995: Seventh Conference Proceedings NOT...


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Development of the Saxonvale Coal Preparation Plant and materials handling systems Fewings G, Hamblyn S and O'Hearn T
Cumnock No.1 Colliery Upgrade and installation of coal processing and tailings treatment Wood DL and Lamb RI
Process design of Gregory Coal Preparation Plant to produce a 6.5% ash coal Johnson BD
Gordonstone Coal Preparation Plant upgrade process design LePage M, Goodman P and Halpin B
Operating experience and performance evaluation of the 1150mm primary dense medium cyclone at Warkworth Mining Lee D, Holtham PN, Wood CJ and Hammond R
The performance and on-line monitoring of dense medium wet drum magnetic separators Rayner JG, Holtham PN and Napier-Munn TJ
Design criteria for an improved large diameter dense medium cyclone Englebrecht JA and Bosman J
Experience with teetered bed separators treating Burragorang Valley coal fines Newling P, LePage M, Lees J, Parsons J, Purdon G, Drummond R, Swanson AR and Nicol SK
Ekof pneumatic flotation experience and developments Imhof R, Hofmeister S and Brown JV
Development of a new column flotation circuit for Peak Downs Coal Preparation Plant Stone RG, Brake IR and Eldridge G
The potential of gas purging for the reduction of coal moisture Veal CJ, Johnson BK and Nicol SK
A new benchmark single leaf filtration test for fine coal dewatering Bourgeois F, Wightman E, Clarkson C, Rui Z, Hilden M and Davis JJ
Superabsorbent polymers for the dewatering of fine coal Dzinomwa GPT and Wood CJ
Precoating of coarse flotation concentrate on the vacuum disc filters at Norwich Park mine Mathewson D, Dempsey D, Teong J and Sigvart C
Coal crushing for minimum fines Schutte HOW and Schutte WH
The impact of fine coal classification on coal preparation performance Firth B, Edward D, Clarkson C and O'Brien M
An economic approach to coal agglomeration using new briquetting technology Clark K, Meakins R and Attalla M
Mechanistic modelling of coal breakage  Leach KR and Meyers AD
Coal Preparation in China:  Development and challenges for the future Jiang BZ
Determination of the precision of on-line coal analysers - theory and practice Lyman GJ, Lombard F, Edward D and Clarkson CJ
Development and use of the tree flotation technique to measure coal flotation efficiency Smithan J, Keast-Jones R, Pickup A and Leyden B
Practical co-disposal deposition Williams D, Gowan M and Keefer P
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