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Macquarie Coal Preparation Plant - Process Rationalisation Van Barneveld S, Gilmour K, Hillard C and Braun P
Application of the Humboldt De-stoning Process in Australia Sanders GJ, Gnanaiah EU and Ziaja D
Noise Reduction in New Open-Cut Coal Mines, Coal Handling and Preparation Plants Mills P, Bridges M and Juillerat E
Predicting Plant Performance from small and large diameter bore cores Esterle JS, Clarkson C, O'Brien G, Swanson A, Fletcher I
Factors affecting drainage rates of Banana Screens in drain and rinse applications  Meyers AD, Edward D, Clarkson C, Firth BA and Leach KR
Tomographic imaging of Dense Medium Cyclones Lyman GJ, Holtham PN and Subramanian V
Impact of drain rate on density and level control in Dense Medium Cyclone Circuits Leach KR and Meyers AD
Operational performance of a large diameter (one metre) classifying cyclone  O'Brien M, Firth BA, Clarkson C and Edward D
A novel cyclone design concept Rong R and Napier-Munn TJ
Selection and operation of a Teetered bed separator at Bayswater Colliery Coal Preparation Plant Moore J, Ritchie M, Drummond R, Hayes R and Weale W
Warkworth - A new approach to tailings Mills P, Lamb R and Mathewson D
Fine coal pond beneficiation plant at Robena LLC in the USA  Engelbrecht JA, Terblanche AN, Bosman JB, Porterfield TJ and Rodak MJ
Coal moisture reduction using air purging technology Condie DJ, Hart GH, Johnston BK, Veal CJ and Nicol SK
Effects of coal slurry/flocculant mixing on filter performance Rong R, Thonangi G and Fulton T
A study of water drainage behaviour in coal stockpiles Rong R, Fulton T and Murdoch S
Development of reliable data for the design and operation of coal preparation plants Swanson A
Is there a place for ash gauges in coal production? Edward D and Clarkson C
On-Line analysis without radioisotopes Laurilia MJ and Bachmann CC
A coal handleability monitor for on-site measurements Brown DW and Atkin BP
Scale up of the Turboflotation system Ofori PK, Firth BA and  Munro M
Breaking the boundaries of Jameson cell capacity Murphy AS, Honaker R, Manlapig EV, Lee DJ and Harbort GJ
The role of cavitation in coal flotation Attalla M, Chao C and Nicol, SK
Application of froth imaging techniques to the control of coal flotation plants Nguyen KK, Holtham, PN and Cameron PM
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